WOW, what a year 2o15 has been for me personally and professionally, and with 2o15 coming to an end, it feels like the perfect opportunity to reflect!I wish to invite you on a quick journey with me back through the year that has been Two Thousand and Fifteen:-Between January 2015 to June 2015 I was honoured to be invited to and accept the role of presenting at Diamond Facets and Mana Wellbeing, and what amazing groups of people they were and an incredible experience for me. See their reviews here.March 2015 seen a booked-out & successful Mini Retreat with the focus of having attendees learn how to go from MindFull to Mindful (let me say, I didn’t know work could be this much fun!). Was a brilliant day with amazing reviews, and I must again express my gratitude to all sponsors and guest presenters for helping boost its success!In July 2015 I was privileged enough to have Kirsty Traeger join my team as a Personal Assistant, and I truly believe all who dealt with her would have enjoyed her bubbly personality, her passion and her kind nature! She left my team in early-October so her and her husband, the gorgeous Mick could embark on a journey, via hypnobirthing with me, to welcome their son into this world. BLESS them both, and what an honour for me to be a part of their journey to parenthood!I must admit, I have been completely blown away & so grateful to be invited into so many clients lives this year to help them improve! This year I have been booking out months in advance, and I see this as the ultimate compliment; because the majority of new clients come to me because someone they know (a past client) has shared their success with them. I have received incredible testimonials and reviews, and cannot express my gratitude for inviting me into your lives in such a personal way – and your kind words and reviews constantly compound the love that I have for what I am blessed to do!And finally, the Award that I received in November 2015! Thank you to those that nominated me and supported me. I received a Nomination Certificate for Customer Service Excellence 2015 and ultimately received the Young Business Person Commendation Award 2015. I am truly fortunate to love what I do and to be nominated and ultimately receive an award, I simply do not have the words to express what this means to me.I could not have achieved any of the above without the many wonderful people that share in and support my business journey. There are far too many to go into individually, but I would like to give a particular shout-out to my amazing family and loved ones who give their unconditional support, to my personal assistant Kirsty who excelled in helping me strive forwards this year, and to all the incredible trainers and mentors, nationally & internationally, that have been a part of my success and who continue to be there when I need them! And finally, one of the most important shout-outs is to all the amazing clients that invite me into their lives to achieve their desired results – thank you, thank you, thank you!I look forward to what 2016 brings, because I have some big dreams in mind; and what your mind can conceive, you can achieve!  Wishing you & your loved ones many blessings for the rest of 2015, and may 2016 bring you all your heart desires.  With love, Chantelle Xx

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