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“It was a fantastic and well informed day. I am now more aware & “mindful” of how I can approach everyday thoughts. The explanations of generalisation, deletion and distortion really helped me to see how I was approaching my life and now i can see how easy it can be to change those thoughts to positive things” MindFull to Mindful Retreat Attendee

“I thought it was fantastic. Your warming up game was fun and set the mood for everyone to be relaxed and open… The information given was clear, and made so much sense. Having a take home booklet means that we can all re-read and reassess what you spoke to us about. The hypnosis was excellent…Such an enlightening awakening… my feedback to you is ‘BRAVO’ you’re awesome” Tiffany, Women in Business Steering Committee

“It is with great appreciation that I accepted the cheque from Chantelle Smith of Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy today. Chantelle’s event at Rogue & Rascal was inspiring and showed the difference one person can make… it was just a bonus that so much money was raised to contribute to Mentally Fit EP. This donation will enable us to present the course to more people in our community this year… Sue and I, just like Kirsty , have a real belief in the benefits of Take Charge Of Your Life and Choice Theory. I truly believe that we can make a difference in our community with this work! Chantelle what you have done is amazing. You can be really proud.” Jackie Hibble, Mentally Fit EP – WCYCS

“THANK YOU for delivering such a great session, it was fantastic. Only criticism is that I wanted more. You are a natural born speaker and what you delivered was spot on, give yourself a pat on the back” Rachel, My EP

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