This week is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK! So first and foremost let me do a BIG MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to all you incredible women in this world – women in every role, country or age – you are amazing!!!! A big whoop whoop to us all!

The intention behind this week has inspired me to seek out and share with you some females that I respect, appreciate and adore!Ideally I would love to feature every one, but there are only so many days in this week, and of course only so many minutes I can spend typing these features before my personal and working life needs must be nurtured also! Now I am sure you can only imagine the multitude of women that I look up to from all over the world!!! I have however opted to look locally for the women I am going to feature this week – because I am not only an advocate for supporting your local community, but the women I have chosen share similar passions, dreams and desires and I am grateful for having connected with them!

At a rather unsettling period of time towards the end of last year I was introduced to a very lovely lady named Jo, and the first thing I noticed was this calm, gentle and peaceful grace about her which I feel is a beautiful blessing in what can sometimes feel like a crazy and busy world! I am super excited to be joining in her upcoming Sister Circles and it brings me absolute pleasure to now introduce you to the divine lady herself:-

I am Jo, and I am a Flower Essence Therapist and Sister Circle Facilitator.

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I work with women locally, nationally and internationally, helping them achieve emotional freedom using flower essence therapy and lifestyle choices to build a solid foundation for healing and personal growth.

My journey has been a life long pathway of growth and development.

The blossoming of my business and the direction it has taken has been guided by the supports I have sought for my own health and wellbeing, and for that of my family and friends.

All the way along I have completed formal learning and have combined that with ‘the school of life’ – the kind of learning that happens organically by wanting to deepen my insights into my wellbeing. I have travelled down many a rabbit hole in the search for meaning. On reflection I can see that at all points along the way I have had one or two strong female mentors supporting me, and their presence in my world has made me who I am today.

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“My journey has been a life long pathway of growth and development”

I am currently in the process of studying and working towards becoming a certified Woman Rising Flower Essence Therapist, which will see me join with an incredible collective of Flower Essence Therapists. I am overwhelmingly grateful to have the opportunity to travel to a sacred site in California later in the year with these wonderful Medicine Women, where together we will create a new line of flower essences.

The experience will combine my passionate beliefs, being the power of flower essences and of women coming together. This journey will facilitate a deeper understanding of flower essences and will enhance the current work I am bringing forward into our community.

I am a huge believer in the strength of the Sisterhood and I love empowering and supporting women to tap into the wisdom that resides within, at the same time as bringing women in the community together to connect, support and celebrate one another. I facilitate regular Sister Circle ceremonies through meditative and heart-centred guidance and I am also very excited to now offer Baby Blessingways and Bride-to-be ceremonies. We were never meant to walk this journey through life on our own and from my own experience I know how much easier it is to navigate life with a supportive tribe of women by my side.

Along the way, many things have inspired and encouraged me to continue learning about the importance of nutrition. Two of my favourite books that have taught me so much are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Healing with Wholefood by Paul Pitchford. I highly recommend them to anyone who is on the path of wellness. I have discovered that a wholefood diet is paramount to support my family’s emotional and physical health and wellness, as is incorporating local and seasonal foods, cultured vegetables and fermented drinks to support our gut. I have learned important ways to strengthen our daily diet and boost our immune systems through specific supplements, superfoods and by incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into our lives. Gratitude is also a vital ingredient in any meal I am putting on the table for myself and my family, and learning how to receive is equally important.

So you see, the path of growth for me is ever evolving, growing and expanding, and it will likely always be that way. It is my passion to be able to share with you some of the many things I have learned to help to bring balance of mind, body and spirit, and to help you to see that we are all the same, that there is no separation. We are in this together, supporting, uplifting, empowering and journeying with one another.

Jo Bell Picking Flower

“We were never meant to walk this journey through life on our own and from my own experience I know how much easier it is to navigate life with a supportive tribe of women by my side”


Dream passionately, Love Unconditionally & Live Fully

Chantelle Xx



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