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Here you will find stories from clients who had such transformational successes that they were willing to share their journey from struggle to life-changing results.

I cannot include every single story, because over the years I have literally received hundreds upon hundreds of client praise, I have included at least one story in each field below, to make it easy for you to look at the ones that may relate to your current situation in life.

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Acting & Performance

I am a 32 year old female and wanted to use hypnotherapy for performance anxiety. I was referred by a family member who had achieved fantastic results with Chantelle.

I found Chantelle to be a professional therapist who didn’t make me feel like a ‘patient’. She was very understanding and willing to explore different techniques, knowing that different techniques work for different people. It was reassuring that hypnotherapy and the techniques were explained well in advance.

Hypnotherapy was different and exciting. It wasn’t simply an easy or magic ‘fix’ to solve my problems, it takes practice and commitment – but I have been practicing and it is working! I am glad we explored different techniques to suit me, as the techniques in the second session seemed to be more effective than those in the first.

An additional benefit which came from these sessions is that it does help me to sleep better at night. I start imagining the purple thread of smoke going through my body but never get to the end of this technique because I have already fallen asleep.

I am looking forward to using these techniques at the next audition.

TL, Actress – Western Australia


Opened up a lot of emotions but in a good way. Never realised how deep that connection with alcohol went. Good sleep though.

I’ve not felt anxious anything and have found that even on days where I’ve not gone out I’ve been really productive spontaneously at home, like that huge clearout. I’ve not thought about drinking at any point. Even Friday, I’d usually get a bottle of wine if I’m not going out to drink but it never even came into my head. Fab!!

I got a red journal and a red calendar to do tick days with  either a walk or run, my friend also put me in touch with a Facebook group called R.E.D runners. Seems like a lovable group. All positive and all RED!!

Great to be back at work also. Trying to do the L R lists for organising this. Takes some practice as I’m use to just writing a big long list. 

Great Chantelle, thank you. I can completely notice there’s a shift in the feelings.

KH, Nurse – United Kingdom

Children - working with children

My name is Lucy and I am 17 years old.

I went to Chantelle because one of my family friend’s had been to her before and recommended it.

Chantelle is very passionate and calming. She is amazing at what she does, and I am happy and satisfied with what I have achieved. It’s all going well so far, so I am hoping it stays this way.

The experience was emotional for me, but I gained positive results and am very satisfied.

I am so happy that I decided to give it a go, as I have even surprised myself at what I can achieve now. Thank you for everything & what I have managed to achieve within two sessions with you. I am pleased to say that I controlled my emotions yesterday during a lesson where I was having difficulty understanding something.

I have got a test next week that I am NOT stressing about and it honestly feels great. I am able to study without breaking down nor getting too stressed out, and I am also getting to sleep at night without worrying about homework.

Again I am so happy with the results I have achieved. I have not had any issues so far such as stress breakdowns, and I would like to greatly thank Chantelle for this.

I most definitely would recommend Chantelle! I wasn’t sure if this was going to work for me before I attended a session and met Chantelle, but now that I know it has I will recommend it to my family and friends.

Lucy, Student – South Australia

You are amazing I walked into your room with my son and walked out with a happy boy who talked me to death. Thank you, It is hard to find the kind caring, non – judgmental person you are out there when you don’t know where to turn next. Keep up your amazing work 

Kylie, Mother – South Australia

Coaching - Career & Business

Thank you Chantelle for introducing me to hypnotherapy and guiding me through my session to cement my personal and professional goals.

You have an absolute talent and intuition and I can’t recommend you enough to anyone wanting to invest some time in themselves for some serious relaxation and subconscious housekeeping to improve any area of your life!

Rachel, Founder of MyEP – South Australia

LIfe is going great since our Skype sessions! Been in such a positive mindset, feeling clear and re-centred. 

I have been doing research involved in areas of a nutritionist and a personal trainer, getting quotes, etc. So just working out which I will be doing first. Excited & nervous all at once hee hee! Ticking off goals. 

In fact I’m reaching goals fitness wise which is amazing!! Fitter both in mind and body!!

Definately been alot calmer and less stressed out with life. Thank you  Xx

Jessica, Nutritionist / Personal Trainer Student – South Australia

Thank you Chantelle. You have definitely helped change my “I’m responsible for everything” mindset.

I am now working on reducing my stress levels and taking charge of my health. I am finally stepping down from coaching (after 10 years of doing it).

I would not have been able to tackle the deep-rooted source of my issues without your help.

I still have a way to go, but I have changed for the better because of your treatment. Thank you!

Anonymous, Sports Coach – South Australia


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Just want to say such a BIG thank you for helping me get my life back from gambling.

I went to town today – all the triggers were there, and I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in walking into the pokies!!! YAY!!

I will absolutely recommend you.

You have an amazing journey ahead of you Chantelle, and I am glad you are on this earth x

WV, Instructor Ceduna


I am 43 years old and went to Chantelle by doctor recommendation. Once the doctor gave me the phone number I called, made the appointments, easily paid via eft for sessions, and texts were also a great way to communicate.

Chantelle is easy to talk to, calming, sincere & lovely.

I was quite unsure for the first session, but after I did feel some different changes. The second session was great! I’m so glad I did it.

The way each issue was dealt with thoroughly – especially the hurtful, painful and heart-crushing issues.

Red & deep breathing have been wonderful tools.

I have not felt like this in a very long time – to feel happy, to feel a little more like I used to some 4 or more years ago! The wetting myself issue has also subsided greatly!!

I didn’t think I would ever see the light again – it had been so long in the dark and getting darker, so to feel the way I do now is truly amazing! If it wasn’t for seeing Chantelle, I really don’t know if I would still be here.

I am now on a new journey of happiness. I recommend Chantelle – warm and welcoming. Just perfect.

Thank you Chantelle Xx

LL, Assistant – South Australia

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Chantelle, I had to contact you to let you know that it’s all going well. Sorry it has taken me so long. I came to see you for insomnia but realised there’s more to it than that – working with you meant I was able to deal with depression, anxiety and unresolved childhood issues.

I have seen a doctor since our sessions and he has prescribed medication to also assist with the insomnia also. But what I’m pleased with is I have taken this medication before but been irritable, frustrated and angry and also beat up myself bout it. I’m not like that now. I’m calmer and my wife comments on it which is a nice thing.

You really helped me in terms of a calming mindset and positive outlook, and things are going great. Life is great.

I wanted to let you know what we did worked, and the I have been using the techniques.

I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and joyful festivities. Thanks again for everything you helped me through this year.

DD, Farmer – South Australia


I had THE MOST AMAZING session with our very talented local hypnotist, Chantelle Smith.

I am VERY careful who I allow in my space but this lady is VERY trustworthy and well educated in hypnosis. The thing I wanted to address in this session was my memory issues. I have noticed a HUGE improvement straight away!! Seriously, I am amazed! If you have any issues like smoking, anxiety, fears, etc I advise you to go for a session.

We are SO blessed to have Chantelle in Lincoln!!!

Danielle, Female Entrepreneur – South Australia

Panic Attacks & PTSD

Today I went out for lunch. It was the first time in 3 years, and I didn’t have panic attacks and didn’t go to the toilet a trillion times before leaving – that’s amazing!!

I didn’t even realize until I was at lunch that I actually left the house without 1 panic attack, no dummy spits and no excuses that I can’t go out Thank you Chantelle, my hypnosis sessions are working fabulously. Can’t wait for my next session.

Indigo Phoenix thank you for giving me my life back – thank you!

Robyn, Business Owner – South Australia


You are caring & professional and the instructions and processes were clear and easy to follow. And good follow up I also am actually doing stuff instead of procrastinating!

I was referred by a family member and have already recommended you to a couple of people. I was happy with the whole process and it worked well for me.

KM, Hypnotherapist – South Australia

Public Speaking

A year ago I would freeze at the thought of public speaking but last night I stood confidently and bravely at government house in Adelaide talking passionately about our mentally fit EP project!!!

I have Chantelle Smith to thank – for all it took was two hypnotherapy sessions with her guidance to help me release the fear I had with public speaking! Just before I went on stage I had an overwhelming rush of worry – but I remembered her prompts – took 3 big deep breaths – remembered that it’s not the words but the passion that counts and nailed it!!!

I highly recommend investing in releasing any fears you have by booking an appointment with Chantelle because you never know where it may take you x

Kirsty, CoFounder of Mentally Fit EP & Young Australian of the Year – South Australia

Relationships & Fertility

I heard about Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy through Facebook. I found Chantelle to be well organised and she shows a real interest in helping with all problems.

Chantelle was also very tolerant and understanding when I had to change a few bookings. I used hypnotherapy to treat my anger about not being able to have more children and to treat the guilt about not enjoying the kids I already have.

My goal was to be able to forgive my husband for telling me no more kids, and I am very happy with the results. My hypnotherapy experience was a really good one. The results I have achieved have been fantastic. Additionally, a bonus of our sessions is that I have not had a coke since I saw Chantelle.

My best friend also had a baby not long after completion of our sessions and instead of being jealous, I was very happy for them! The whole experience was surreal and better than I expected. I wish I had a better way of telling people how well it worked for me. I will use Chantelle again.

PC, Home Duties & Mother – South Australia

I am a female, wishing to stay anonymous for privacy reasons, who consulted with Chantelle [re: fertility fears]. I found out about Chantelle through success stories, particularly the most recent one from a friend. Chantelle is a caring, compassionate and gentle-natured hypnotherapist who helps you tap into your own potential and yes, my mindset was changed about the issue I was facing. I continued the strategies Chantelle gave me for a month or so following consultations, my mindset was changed and I was far more positive. I also feel that I dealt with some issues from my past. When it came to IVF, I handled the hormones really well and was calm leading up to the retrieval, and I got good [egg] numbers. We implanted the healthiest two embryos but unfortunately had a negative result. We are going to try again and also considering other options depending on the outcome of the next round, and I feel I am handling this well. Tapping into your subconscious to unblock and release past events allows you to clear the pathway for your future. I have already recommended Chantelle to friends, and in fact I’d like to go back to Chantelle to help me overcome my phobias also. Thank you so much.

Anonymous, Port Lincoln – South Australia


I went in sceptical that hypnotherapy could or would work on me to quit smoking.

I’m so happy that I was willing to give it a go though.

I walked out and just didn’t think about having a smoke at all. It was so much easier than going cold turkey and I recommend hypnotherapy to everyone.

Thanks a million Chantelle.

Jamie, FIFO Worker – South Australia

Like so many other smokers I started when I was 12 years old. At first I would get smokes from other kids and we would put together our pocket money and buy them in 10 packets. I left school at 14 years old and got my first full time job and it was then that I started smoking full time, a packet a day.

I am now 49 years old and have been smoking all that time. I have tried to give up in the past but I never made it, I would always end up smoking again. I am the same as anybody else that has smoked all their life I considered that I was that addicted to it, and my entire body was soaked in nicotine, tar and all the other crap you get from smoking.

One day at work one off the guys there told me that he was a non smoker I just looked at him with complete disbelief as I have worked with him for the past 8 to 10 years and in that time him and I have had thousands of smokes with him. He started to tell me that his partner has also given up and I really couldn’t believe what he was telling me. I have been over his house many times in the past and when the bourbon bottles are open we all would sit and drink and smoke the night away. So of course I said to him how did you give up after all these years? His answer really surprised me when he told me that he had been Hypnotised. He went on to say that he hasn’t even looked for a smoke since he had been done. This of course seems too good to be true there must be something that he is not telling me, so I decided to just sit back and see how long this would last without a smoke. I would come to work and have my caffeine and nicotine fix each morning and as always *Marc would be there with his coffee but he wasn’t smoking. Of course I would continually ask him if he has had a smoke yet and he would always tell me the same thing, and that was “no”.

He had given me Chantelle’s phone number (of Indigo Phoenix) and told me to call her and she would be able to help me as well, so I did call her and she told me that she would be more that happy to turn me into a NON SMOKER.

I must admit that I didn’t really know what to expect or how this could work for me. I mean I have a strong mind set and I couldn’t see how somebody just talking to me would be able to stop me from smoking. I did dismiss the whole idea at first, thinking what a load of crap, but then I would talk to *Marc at work again and he would say to me just give it a go it worked for him and his partner.

OK then let’s do it, lets have a go and find out for myself! I made the appointment with Chantelle of Indigo Phoenix. She sat me down and done her stuff and it wasn’t what I expected at all.

From that moment on I was a NON SMOKER. I don’t smoke anymore.

The best thing about this is there are no drugs involved and I don’t have any cravings at all! I can smell and taste things again.

If you are considering giving up smoking and let’s be honest about it, anybody who smokes and said that they didn’t wish to give up smoking are either complete fools or they are lying.

I very strongly suggest that you get in touch with Chantelle of Indigo Phoenix and go into it with a completely open mind and become a NON SMOKER – it really that easy!

Thank you Chantelle, you have changed my life!

Pete, Business Manager & Boiler Maker – South Australia

My name is Jayne, I am 26 years of age and am a friend of Chantelle’s. I found out about Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy via Chantelle’s Facebook.

Chantelle as a hypnotherapist is fantastic; very professional and very approachable. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but all my expectations have been met and more!

I have been a non-smoker for 5 weeks now thanks to Chantelle. I have previously tried cold turkey and never succeeded, but changing the way the mind thinks is an amazing tool. I love how east and relaxed it is to be able to become a non-smoker – as I have seen friends use methods other than hypnotherapy to give up resulting adverse side effects such as grumpiness.

The whole experience was made very easy – it was AMAZING.

I recommend hypnotherapy to all people whom wish to give up smoking! I think it’s amazing how quickly and stress-free you can become a non-smoker!! I definitely refer Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy to family or friends!

Jayne, Real Estate – South Australia

Well it’s been over 2.5 years now since I stopped smoking thanks to Chantelle (2 simple and relaxing visits with her)

I have been in many situations since then – I have been stressed out, I thought I may lose my house, I have had a loved family member pass , I have been drunk, been out with the boys, I have had a blue or two with the missus – and I still have never had the urge to smoke!!

My wife is especially happy now that she isn’t forced to sit next to me in the car while I smoke! I have stopped wheezing and coughing, and I breathe so much more freely now! It’s good not being the one or two that go outside to smoke, and i also didn’t realise how much I stank after smoking until now.

What I have found is that what they preach is true – you do get your sense of smell back, and taste back!

If you are considering giving up smoking, remember this – that there isn’t one good honest reason to smoke! If you are truly ready to stop smoking within yourself I recommend that you let Chantelle help you! It was really quite painless 

Again, thanks mate – you’re a legend.

PW, Business Manager & Boiler Maker – South Australia 

ONE MONTH TODAY. As of today, my partner and I have not had a smoke in one month! Thanks Chantelle Smith for the hypnotherapy… it has worked a treat!!! It’s amazing actually because we don’t “crave” it at all – it’s like we were always non-smokers… we know when we would normally be having one (after meals, with a coffee, with a drink, etc) and sometimes we seem to miss the actions that go with those ‘anchors’ (sitting down and relaxing, etc) but all is good and we are really happy with the outcomes! Thanks xxx

JS & MD, Managers – Western Australia


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