Last Sunday’s Mini Retreat was a massive success & a load of fun too!

Chantelle (Left) & Tessa (Right) & Shonagh (not pictured) thoroughly enjoyed bringing Mindfulness to the Mind-Body Connection – creating the life you want!

A beautiful group of souls came together on Sunday, 15 March 2015 to share in a day of meditation, chanting, connection, understanding, learnings & techniques, naturopathic advice, healthy delicious treats and lunch, fun games & hypnotherapy to top it all off. Everyone also received a guidebook filled with helpful notes and hints, and were very grateful to take home a goody bag packed to the brim of local business treats including candles, jerky and vouchers.

We settled in at 9.30am and finished at 5:00pm, and everyone truly took so much learning from it – leaving the retreat refreshed and renewed, with exciting learnings and techniques to be empowered, creative and mindful.

The feedback was amazing & many are already keen for the next retreat! See some of the comments made by the attendees:

“I love your work! Fantastic! It was beautiful & relaxing. I feel invigorated and more centered! A whole day of getting in tune to myself – mindfulness – bliss!”

“Chantelle was amazing, spoke confidently, funny and entertaining – ‘a god send’. Loved hearing about naturopathy too & trying meditation for the first time – a beautiful experience. All I can say is food, 3 experts, meditation, hypnotherapy & a goody bag – value for money!”

“Distortion, generalisation and deletions was a great topic of discussion – extremely relatable. The information, talks, meditation & hypnotherapy was great!”

“Can’t wait for the next one! The most value thing was the mindfulness techniques i.e. thinking and taking the layers away”

“It was a fantastic and well informed day. I am now more aware & “mindful” of how I can approach everyday thoughts. The explanations of generalisation, deletion and distortion really helped me to see how I was approaching my life and now i can see how easy it can be to change those thoughts to positive things”

2015-03-15 19.31.13

Check out all the smiles, as everyone has fun putting the learnings into practice. As one attendee said “I enjoyed everyone opening up & being giving of themselves… no judgment… it was really enjoyable”

Due to high demand, there will be more retreats {STAY TUNED}

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“Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening” – Lisa M. Hayes


Xx Chantelle xX

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