It is my pleasure to get you acquainted with the newest member to join Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy, Monique Linton. I must admit that although I was always aware that my previous beautiful assistant (& treasured friend), Kirsty would take maternity leave to follow her new exciting adventure into parenthood – I was a bit taken aback by the workload that would build up without her here as she had been supremely helpful in all aspects and I had almost forgotten what it was like to work by myself (and furthermore, due to taking one month leave in October and being fully booked until the end of 2015, when I returned to working solo I honestly was having trouble getting back to client enquiries and managing the workload required of me). Thankfully Monique seen my post on my Facebook business page notifying people of the backlog and delays, and took it upon herself to contact me personally enquiring about a possible work opportunity; as she was moving to Port Lincoln, has lengthy administration experience & was passionate about the services I provided (she had someone very close to her that had achieved their desired results through me). And after meeting with her, it all fell into place and ideally she joined my team as a Personal Assistant (THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR PROVIDING WHEN I NEEDED IT THE MOST!) – and so I welcome her to the team! Monique begins this week and I take this opportunity to help you get to know her a little more:-



What would you say are your best qualities, so clients know what they have to look forward to?

I enjoy meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life. 
I consider my approachable and friendly, and I love to laugh!!!!

What attracted you to Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy?

I love Chantelle's approach to life and her dedication to her 
clients wellbeing and feel like we share similar philosophies. 

Working with Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy also allows me to 
spend more quality time with my family, 
which is a high priority at this point in my life.

Would you mind sharing a little bit about your personal journey to mental health?

I, like most people, have faced challenges and adversities, 
but always strive to maintain a positive life balance.

What are you passionate about and why?

My family is my highest priority! 
I take pride in raising our family and watching our three 
children grow and develop. As also mentioned earlier, 
I am passionate about a positive life balance too.

What is one thing you want to say to all Indigo Phoenix Hypnotherapy’s readers?

I am excited about meeting all the clients 
and developing a respectful rapport with everyone. 
Thank you !
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“I love Chantelle’s approach to life and her dedication to her clients wellbeing…”


I look forward to having you join the team Monique, and I am certain that you will settle into this role with ease. I cannot wait to see what direction this leads us and what opportunities open up for both of us in this work relationship, and I am certain you will connect well with all clients (past & future). Lets enjoy this path that 2016 opened up for us    ~XxX~

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