W E L C O M E  to the
Indigo Phoenix family, Anita! 

Fortunately I have known Anita for a long time, and this lovely lady is all heart! I have always been proud to call her a friend & love having her in my life, and it is just a bonus that I can now call her a team member too! She is incredibly inspirational, extremely talented & vehemently passionate and to have her join my team is an honour; words simply cannot express how happy I am to be teaming up with her (… but, my happy dance might show it)!

Let me introduce you to this heart-centered wonderful breath of fresh air & Indigo Phoenix’s newest team member, Anita!




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In gratitude, I am so excited to be joining the Indigo Phoenix team. Chantelle and I have been discussing collaborating for a while, and what an exciting time it is to get the ball rolling and put action into place. What excites me most, is the vision Chantelle and I share – it really is a beautiful thing, to be able to share the love, knowledge and experience we have, and be able to help people move in the direction they want to take in life – and a positive and empowering direction at that. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thanks, Anita

~ Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S ~
Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master in Timeline Therapy
Master in Hypnosis
Reiki Master
Infinite Possibilities
Thinking Into Results


So, you want to know more…

Anita is a Mind Coach, Mentor and Speaker, with a portfolio in Motivational and Educational Seminars and Workshops; Group work; and one-on-one Coaching.

She is exceptionally experienced in the field of Athletes and the Sports Psychology in peak performance; as well as specialising in a wide range of areas including Anxiety, Weight Loss and Goal Setting.

What sets Anita aside is her experience as a competitive Thai Boxer – both Nationally and Internationally, as well as a Trainer in the sports.

Her Life experiences in this area, and therefore ability to deal with demanding situations in life – as well as ongoing support she offers to others – is a gift that has allowed Anita success in her Coaching.

What motivates Anita is Human progression, Sustainability in Life, as well as Living to Your true potential.

Anita, with her years of experience as a Mind Coach, has helped people gain results where they previously had struggled to do so. Her calm demeanour allows her clients to feel comfortable in a Coaching setting, teaching them the tools they seek in their lives, and independence to carry this forward.

Anita writes…


I am a sole-parent with a 4-year-old (5 in July), “spirited and passionate” daughter. We have a Turtle named Oonah. We are a high-energy family at home, although I tend to listen more than I speak in bigger groups.

I have a “gym” in the backyard shed, with mats, medicine balls, a treadmill (that doesn’t get used) and boxing bags. We will add a Trapeze or Silks (think…Harley Quinn – or the Circus…whichever suits your imagination) to this collection, due to me being jealous of watching my daughter “play” at her Circus.

I love Martial Arts and combat sports – a previous Muaythai Fighter who stopped due to being in a Car accident. Since then, I’ve trained in Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I sometimes train people – although not often as I focus on Mind Coaching. People love sessions with me though, and travel hours to train with me. I am a nice trainer – although what I call a “technique-Nazi” – people love that!

I appreciate all sports and interest. I can sit and listen to anyone speak about anything. People are fascinating creatures. I wish they knew that.

I have a big thirst for knowledge and experience – always studying and trying new things. I sometimes wake up at 4am, so I could do so. But yes, I love sleep and have early nights so I can rise so early. I call my alarm-clock an “opportunity-clock” – but this opportunity-clock IS NEVER set on the weekends.

I love people. I always see people as beautiful. I love myself. And it is a wonderful way to live.

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